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woodshop standards


Furniture will be constructed within 1/8''+/- accuracy for furniture piece overall size. All furniture is constructed with consideration to the natural movement of the wood due to variation of moisture in the air. Indoor humidity levels having a 35% min to 55% max RH is recommended. Relative humidity changes per outdoor air temperature changing. For equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is proportional to relative humidity (RH) which in effect cause wood fibers to be susceptible to warping, splitting and cracking when wood experiences excessive humidity level changes. But when levels are controlled to minor fluctuations, furniture will tolerate change better. Wood is a dynamic material and responds to humidity so regulate your humidity level in your home will help your furniture maintain its beauty.  



Table stain that is applied is a premium oil base semi-transparent stain which provides for a rich color and allows natural wood variation to permeate through. Following staining or natural 1 coat of sanding sealer is applied. Polyurethane water base clear satin, Rubio Monocoat or epoxy Mirrorcoat for interior finishes. For exterior furniture Spar Urethane, teak oil and clear coat wood protector uv & waterproofing.

To clean furniture use a damp cloth with water only, no chemicals and maintain proper humidity levels 35% to 55% in your home to avoid drastic humidity level swings.



Standard delivery is no charge for local 25 mile radius from shop and $1.00 per mile outside of that radius. The owner can choose to pick up the furniture at his own convenience here at the shop if they choose.



A choice of natural finish or stain finish for piece of furniture is verified with owner before finish is applied.

The finish choices are based on samples shown. The samples are done with both Ash and Oak Hardwoods. Other hardwoods can be obtained if the client chooses too is an option.

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