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about Ridge Wooden Tables

The art of carpentry and woodworking has deep roots in my family; I am a fourth-generation wood craftsman. My great grandfather emigrated from Sweden to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1889, making a living as a carpenter.

  As a child I stood side by side with my dad in a modest workshop in our basement and later worked together to construct an addition to our family home to a create a woodshop impressive in scope and function. My father always took time to answer my many questions regardless of the repetitive nature. There was always a clear example that followed his answer that was always truly amazing.

 Today the legacy of my dad lives on in my home, in the shop that I designed and built from the ground up. My passion for woodworking has taken many forms. The firsthand instruction of furniture design and crafting at the hand of my father inspired creativity, technique and appreciation of natural resources. Later I gained valuable experience while working in a furniture restoration business, honing and perfecting my skill in the application of stain and finishes. After decades in the field of building design as a registered architect, I retired in August of 2021 and now focus on the creation of unique handcrafted tables.



about Ridge Wooden Tables

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 The value of lumber is not something of endless supply to use carelessly, but to appreciate an embrace its splendor. The lumber in my shop is responsibly and personally sourced from hardwood trees on my land in Norhtern Wisconsin. Storm-damaged trees are recovered, hand cut, milled and air dried. This traditional process is effective; however, it takes several years to yield wood with a desired moisture content. After the wood dries, the building begins, and the trees are given a second life. I take pride in designing a table to reflect the personality of its owner or for the pleasure of building a new piece of furniture. 

 The design reflects not just the functional purpose but provides a reflection of the personal style of the client. The choice of wood, color, and texture is the owner's preference. I utilize wood joinery and solid wood material in constructing tables. Mortise and tenon joint-crafting technique connects wood members, to minimize wood movement and warping, and provide lateral stability for each piece.

 My mission - and the goal for each piece of furniture that I design and build - is to celebrate the natural beauty of wood, craft for a long and useful life.

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